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paul1471 wrote: only reason i ask is every time i feel like i am getting somewhere i.e start feeling better, then get all symptoms flaring up… like all old symptoms but 10x worse, yes also seem like i get migrane type headaches seem to be pressure on top of head, and floaters and light sensitivity as well deep muscle pain and cold feet/hands at times
i have ordered molybdemum but not sure if this is die off or not, so would it help ??

Molybdenum will help your die-off symptoms, however … Inflammation from certain Candida infestations will show up as ocular complications, which would explain why eye floaters are sometimes a symptom. So what this says is that it’s not a symptom of die-off but rather of the Candida infestation itself. Of course, this isn’t always the cause by any means, as they age, most people will begin to see the floaters as well.

What’s your diet like and what supplements are you taking?