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shayfo;43579 wrote: I agree with Alex. I think I’ve had some level of candida issues since I was a teenager, but it only really came to a head last year in the late summer/early fall. Last year was really stressful for me in a lot of ways, and I made a lot of reeeally poor self-care decisions, and my health paid for it.

Hey Shayfo

I’ve been kind of stressed out today. I’m not really experiencing the harsh die off that I did earlier in the week and I even tested an antifungal today and didn’t have much of a reaction to it. I still however have bad sinus pressure throughout the day, vertigo, sore throat, and thrush.

A few things have improved or changed. My stomach feels a bit better, not really bloated at all and nausea has improved. The fluid in my ears is pretty much gone but has been replaced with mild soreness and itchiness. My breathing is a tiny bit better and my heart doesn’t feel like it’s gonna be outta my chest at certain times of the day. Chest tightness is a bit better too.

Some things however have gotten much worse. My body rashes seems to be popping up in different areas like my legs and stomach and chest and are super itchy and getting bigger. That’s kind of alarming and my thrush that is 3rd most annoying thing I have with 1 and 2 being headaches and sore throat seems worse.

I guess I just feel like shouldn’t I still be experiencing bad die off reactions like body aches, nausea, etc to know the die off is working and if a lot of the yeast are dead now in my stomach, why do I still have 90% of my symptoms. I’m just freaking out a bit cause I always want to feel like I’m moving forward and not backward or sideways.

Btw I did had some probiotic yogurt last night that seemed to settle my stomach down immediately and has felt so much better since.

Edit: Actually I’ve noticed today that my head will go from feeling congested with sinus pressure to not that bad for the first time in two weeks. The first time that’s happened to me. Up until this point I’ve just constantly had sinus congestion and pressure and haven’t really felt good all day long. It’s nice to feel short times of relief. I’m hoping they will eventually last longer and longer.

The other thing I noticed a couple hours ago and I apologize if this is gross. But my breath had been absolutely reaking of yeast for the past 2 or 3 months. No matter how much I brushed, mouthwash, it would be back in a matter of minutes. I’ve noticed today that my breath is 80 percent better. I can barely even detect it at all. That’s good news too I think….

When I took an antifungal today. It almost felt like I angered my thrush, it got really hot and uncomfortable. It’s still there but I wonder if that’s a sign of dying and mutation that I’ve read about.

Sorry for the long post. I just have really felt a rollercoaster of emotions today. Seem to follow my symptoms haha