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shayfo;43395 wrote:

Realistically, how many months into the diet should I be feeling well enough roughly to start exercising again in your experience? Right now the things that are stopping me is shortness of breath, dizziness and sore throat which could be a thrush problem.

If you still have mold near you, the sore throat sounds pretty likely to be connected to that. As for working out, I would recommend you don’t prioritize it for now. Your body needs that energy for healing. Taking short or slow walks is nice and can help with constipation, but it was a good two and a half or three months for me before I felt like doing much activity beyond normal daily requirements (for work, housework, etc). Depending on how your body responds to treatment, that timeline could vary pretty dramatically.

Thank you for your reply.

I did get rid of the mold I would say about 3 weeks ago. It was in my mattress. I immediately went and bought a new mattress and box spring the next day and sprayed organic mold killer everywhere and let my room air out for a couple days with windows open.

It just kills me to feel this way and it’s so frustrating that it happened out of the blue. One day I felt fine and was working out and the next day I had a sore throat and thrush and symptoms gradually got worse and worse. I guess I had symptoms before that which I didn’t attribute to the infection. I was having a hard time breathing during my workouts for quite some time but just figured I needed to get into better shape. Now I’m wondering if it was the candida compromising that. I’ve also had extremely cold feet and hands for almost a year but figured it was just bad circulation.

The thing that scares me the most is there seems to be more people battling the disease than people who have fully gotten over it. But maybe that’s because when people get over it, they move on with their lives and coming back and discussing it online just brings back painful memories. That makes me very thankful that Able and others are dedicating their time to helping us. Also its much appreciative to the people who are at different stages sharing their experience.

I still feel like I’m at the bottom of the mountain with no end in sight. I need to convince myself that things are getting better. I do feel like crap throughout the entire day but at least I am not getting severe headaches after eating anymore. Probably because I’ve cut out 99 percent of sugar in my diet but still. Good indication that I’m on the right track at least.

The other thing that really confuses me is doctors always tell me that yeast infections only happen in people with compromised immune systems. But I never ever get sick. I can’t even remember the last time I had a cold let alone the flu. It just frustrates me even more and makes me feel like why me.