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Cheesey;43348 wrote: There are people with a lot more experience who will be along to answer you, however from my point of view you ought to listen to your body. You’re not doing yourself any favours beating yourself into a hole. That is not the route to good health. I did that for a long while and I am still not recovered from it as my organs took such a serious beating. Do yourself a favour and back off the antifungals for the time being.

Also, people will want to know what foods you are eating. Can you give us a better idea of your typical day?

thanks for your reply!

My normal day consists of a pretty simple menu since I’m worried about eating any sugar or carbs.

I am really only eating two meals. In the morning to mid afternoon I am eating 2 eggs cooked with olive oil and seasoned with sea salt and pepper with a few sticks of celery.

For dinner I have a simple salad with lettuce cucumbers and mini tomatoes and for seasoning I use either olive oil with acv or a dressing with 0 sugar and 0 carbs and a piece of chicken.

For vitamins I have been taking a multivitamin, fish oil supplement, chlorophyll in liquid form with d3.

For antifungals I have been taking olive leaf extract pills and occasionally niacin which was actually what I tried last night. It was like a nuclear bomb was set off. Extreme muscle aches and nausea. I have however ordered now foods candida cleanse and molybodeum (spell?) that able recommended to help your organs during die off. still waiting to get those though. I had been taking the niacin for a couple weeks prior to the candida cleanse but honestly felt little to no die off symptoms until a week into the candida diet. I realize the reasoning for that now. The yeast was too strong in the beginning to be susceptible to the supplement but now that it is getting weaker, it is.

My initial symptoms of bad headaches at night before i went to bed after eating dinner have gone after eliminating the sugar but were almost immediately replaced by incredible sinus pressure and a brain fog/ dull ache in my head.

My other concern other than the antifungals is constipation lately. I wanted to incorporate more bran/fiber but am finding it difficult as cereals is almost out of the question as they all contain sugar and carbs. I’ve been relying pretty heavily on cascara sagrada pills lately which is probably not the most healthy thing even if it’s natural.

Today has been better. My intense muscle aches in my legs and back are a lot better and my nausea isn’t nearly as bad. I have a little heartburn but I think it’s from my bad decision of eating smoked salmon today. My digestive system couldn’t be more delicate right now.

Last night felt like I was drunk with incredible pain, nausea and pains in my stomach. I realize I did something very wrong and hope to get information to explain further why that happened and how I could stop it from happening again. I’m ok with experiencing die off as I know that is part of my sentence.. lol but that was just way too much stress for my body and organs.