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Wow, this is pretty gnarly sounding. Have you travelled to other countries much?

The thing is everyone has candida and parasites but at different levels. Symptoms of parasite overgrowth are very similar to candida from my experience and the toxins released by parasites can be just as bad. Also, google image search “parasites in stool” to see if you have it. They may have found a good host.

If you have the money, I would get some kind of parasitic stool test from genova diagnostics and determine what you have got. You may have quite a challenge ahead of you and it might be best to determine what you have now.

Parasites can move throughout the body and if they congregate within a certain organ you can get very ill. I shared a link on the forum about a woman who had a parasite in her brain and had to have brain surgery. I don’t want to freak you out but thats about the worst it can get.

Another possibility is you had hemorrhoids or other types of fecal matter in your gut that was released by doing the cleanse.

You definitely did over do it with the antifungals because you should start out slowly with a few drops per day. The more you use the more die-off you will get. Also the more you use the more volatile your bm’s will become.

I’d protect the liver as much as possible and continue to kill off the bugs in your gut. I personally wouldn’t use berberine because its basically an antibiotic which kills both the beneficial and bad bacteria in the gut.

You may also want to lay off the probiotics until the die-off is less severe because they are just getting flushed out the body at this point.

Your symptoms sound like typical die-off symptoms btw.