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THANK YOU THOMAS! I wish you quick healing as well. I want more than anything for all of us on this Forum to find some relief this year!

I am just really thankful that I got some answers as to what the red spots where because I have experienced them several different times throughout the past couple months. Over the summer when it first showed up, I did not know I had candida and was scared because they came out of no where. The spots were also much larger (most likely because I was on a prescription antifungal and doing a gluten free diet). Also, with these recent developments, I feel more confident that I am going in the right direction.

Because the die-off was so strong, I am going to wait a few days and eat some more rutabaga again in about a week.

It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one that has gotten the rash. So crazy that this “beast” can affect us in so many ways.

Has your doctor given you anything to help you with the itching you have on your anus? That sounds very uncomfortable. Seems like he could give you a cream or something. But I guess until you get the candida overgrowth taken care, of it will continue to come back. 🙁 I think out of all of us, you are experiencing the WORST die off. I look forward to the day when you start to feel better for a longer period of time. But until then…I guess just remember that the die off means that you are heading in the right direction! Keep your chin up and we are all here for you!

The gas production has gone down significantly. I’m not so worried about it anymore. I was worried at first because for weeks I had pretty much no gas. Plus I read that gas meant that feeding the candida. I think it also means that getting more probiotics into system to PRODUCE gas. …but I’m not very knowledgable about this area. Keeping tabs on it and will be watchful for any changes in it.

Raster, I think you are right about the toxins coming out through the skin. It’s nice to finally understand what it means. I am going to wait on the rutabaga for several days before I have some again. I have not experienced a lot of die off. At least not that was noticeable. This rash shows me that I still have a long way to go…and now that I’ve found something that really works, I am going to continue to use it. 🙂