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orka1998 wrote:

Anyone else experience this?

hey orka, I have this chronic throat clearing thing that gets way worse after I eat anything (and especially after I used to eat dairy or wheat!) that would go on for about 45 minutes sometimes making me hoarse (and I’m sure annoying whoever was around me).

I never really thought of it as throat closing up feeling, but in fact I guess that’s what it is (it gets to a point where I feel I can’t stand it and have to clear my throat of seemingly non-existent mucous.. sort of like I can’t breathe. I never cough anything up.. if anything it seems to just move a bit, providing a few seconds of relief, and then slides back into place. Is this like what you are experiencing?

Interestingly, if I’m out in public it’s not quite as bad.. I think the embarrassment at having to do it makes me stop as long as possible which seems to end the spell earlier. Have you experienced this?

I have been alcohol, coffee, and wheat free since Thursday and starting the full cleanse today (without the psyllium or clay.. just going to do the hot water/lemon route) and hoping this is one of my symptoms that will go away! I spoke to a girl at a party last night who said she had chronic vaginal yeast infections and tried a version of the candida diet and has been symptom free ever since (4 years ago) so I’m hopeful that the full version from this forum will help even more 🙂