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Hi there,
I also experienced a very tight throat around the time that I started to realise I had candida – it felt like a big mucous ball was in my throat or that my throat was closing over and that it was very tight- it used to happen after I had garlic – just normal levels for cooking with. I had dinner out one night and had garlic and rosemary chicken and an hour later my throat became soooo tight – it felt lie it was closing over and I was terrified that I was having a serious allergic reaction, however I persevered with it and it subsided. Three months later after cutting out garlic – I am now able to tolerate normal amounts that I cook with, but I dont over-do it just yet. I would suggest that it is inflamation from either a healing reaction or an allergic reaction, however upon my research I also found that major anxiety can cause a lump type tight throat and I experienced this too. Hope this helps.