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You never posted an update to this post. I have the same problem with my throat. It gets so bad that I have a problem swallowing a large pill. Been to the doctor back in US, he did an ultrasound and said that a spasm due to some heavy cough I had (had a nasty cold before this appeared). Somehow it disappeared by itself for years. It came back about a month ago (little bit before I started the diet). I just ignore it for now and at times it gets much better. Since I had my thyroid checked and had an ultrasound of everything done (doctors could not diagnose the cause of my symptoms) I figured it’s definitely not a cancer or tumor since they would see it there.

I think I noticed that it sometimes gets worse or appears after drinking lemon water, so maybe it is what your doctor described. I am supposed to go to gastroenterologist but I got so fed up with doctors in 4 months that I was sick without diagnosis that I cannot make myself go.

Please post an update and let us know if any of the things you mentioned helped at all.

Thanks in advance!