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I have had a weak immune system since mono 15 years ago, and adrenal issues developed over time. I recently had pnemonia in November and took 3 rounds of antibiotics: 1 z pak and 2 of levaquin. After that I haven’t felt good, and it has been progressively getting worse. Recently over the past month I have really seen that this is candida overgrowth. I have such increased fatigue, muscle, joint aches, throat pain, lung issues, headache, inner ear pains, dizziness, nausea, thrush I believe, and stomach pains, along with things like nails peeling all recently. And it is to the point where I eat something and have immediate pain in my stomach, gas, fatigue, joint pain.

I am getting on nystatin, can the experts who have taken this please recommend what to eat during/after nystatin. Should I eat eggs, chicken, fish, and bob products(buckwheat, oat bran) during or wait till after nystatin? Anything else? Can I make bread with coconut flour, use stevia, or should I wait till after nystatin?

Also what do you think is a good dosage for nystatin, I feel like doctors are retarded and I don’t want it to be too low to not be effective or too high to have too many die off reactions. Also what vitamins should I take during nystatin/after? I have most vitamins and anti fungals on the protocol. Should I use any during nystatin/after. How much, should I do a higher amount or work my way up? Should I continue to use anti fungals after nystatin and switch them, if so high dosage or low and go up?

Should I take probiotics now, I have megaflora 20 billion, 14 strand. Do I need more? Should I make homemade yogurt and do that too for a while?

Thank you for all of your help!!! I keep feeling lost in this journey.