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moochpb;39744 wrote: Ok guys, the dr finally said its time for nystatin. 1,000,000 units a day twice I think. Does that sound ok?

Hello, Mooch. I sent the strict diet to you by private message with some information about the Molybdenum.
Maybe Jorge or somebody will help you with the Nystatin.

Also do I stop my sf722?

I don’t know why you should stop this myself. I think you should also be taking virgin coconut oil if you’re not already.

Should I expect more dieoff?

That depends, Mooch, are you experiencing any Candida symptoms at this time?

Also vsl3 probiotic 112.5 billion per capsule of 8 different strains. Adrenotone for my adrenal glands, molydernum, don’t know how many times a day to take it? Also n acetyl cysteine for my kidney health? Thanks guys. Any help will be appreciated. Plus the strict diet. F this candida crap, time to hit it hard

The probiotic sounds alright, although it’s possible to obtain more strains than that. Which probiotic have you been taking up until now, and at what count (billions)?

Adrenotone is a botanical and nutritional supplement which should help with the adrenal problems. You should call your doctor and ask her about the dosage (she should have given you these instructions).

N-Acetylcysteine stimulates glutathione production which will help with detoxification and dissolving mucus. N-Acetylcysteine can also help to neutralize toxins and pollutants in the body organs like the liver and kidneys.