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Hello, Jackie & Thomas.

Quote from Thomas: “Now after 2 month in the diet I had a little organic chicken and felt terrible now for 2 days. Is that a reaction? If so why? An organic chicken is not feeding the candida!? Another confusing thing is that my tongue started to develop a white coating.”

Reply: The fact that you had a reaction to any new food item (and it doesn’t matter what the reaction is as long as it was negative reaction) simply means that your body reacted negatively to the food. This Does Not mean that the food was able to feed the Candida, but only that it aggravated your body in some manner. In the case of organic chicken; the reactions could have been from a number of different reasons.

1) Even though the protein in chicken has less chance of affecting your body than does red meat or pork, it is still regarded as animal protein. This means that a certain amount of ammonia was released when the protein was broken down by the enzymes in your body. The ammonia is a toxin, and we never know how an unhealthy body is going to respond to an added toxin. Remember that the Candida are releasing toxins in your body 24 hours a day, so the ammonia only added to this load.
I am not saying that you should not have tested the chicken, not at all; what I am saying is that you now know that you’re not ready to move toward meat or even chicken proteins just yet. You could try it again in two weeks if you want to, but I would give myself that much time at least to allow the liver to clear out the extra toxins.

2) Even though the chicken is organic, unless you know the people who raised the chicken or unless the label specifies that there were no hormones or antibiotics or in fact, nothing of a foreign nature given to the chickens then you really don’t know for a fact that they are completely ‘clean’ chickens.

3) We also need to take into account what an animal is fed during its lifetime before it’s served at our table. Was the chicken you had raised on corn feed? I’d rather have a chicken that was raised ‘cage free’ on a small farm and allowed to eat what it wanted than to have one that was fed commercial corn feed. Do we know what was used on the corn during its growth period? Were pesticides and fertilizers used? Do you see the problem with not knowing exactly what we put into our bodies? Any one of these factors, or a combination of all, could have caused the reactions you experienced. You can see how this does not mean that your infestation has gotten worse by any means; but it does mean that there is probably no way you will know exactly why you received the reactions other than the fact that you ingested the chicken.

This is the reason why during my own treatment I finally made the decision to avoid all meat/fowl/fish on the diet until I felt no more symptoms or reactions at all. Fortunately, this only lasted a short time, and only then did I add Vital Choice young fish and occasionally a small piece of organic chicken breasts.