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Jackie2 wrote:

It seems anytime I try something like a nut, sunflower seed (I now know these were bad)rice cracker…I get a bad reaction. Wondering if it is months that I stay here on phase 1…or do I slowly try to add things and if I have a reaction then go back to what has been safe?

Hi Jackie,
first let me tell you how happy I am that you see clearly that you are progressing. And this you do when you now are able to walk the miles now alone and are motivated.

I am still not seeing any clear progress for myself but a back and forth back and forth, which I dont figure out why.

I now and then find statements about “reactions” in post which confuse me a great deal.

I understand that you know that a rice cracker might feed a candida which is still hanging around in your system. I understand too that when you first experience a symptom free time and that you quickly notice when you eat something new and get a reaction.

With me it is not like that and very confusing. I have all the time, I am now 2 month in stage 1 on our diet, some symptoms. Now after 2 month in the diet I had a little organic chicken and felt terrible now for 2 days.

Is that a reaction?

If so why? An organic chicken is not feeding the candida!? Another confusing thing is that my tongue started to develop a white coating. I didn’t have that before. I had problems in my guts and not on the tongue. I wonder if that chicken really did feed the candia or what was that about? How is it possible that the candida grows while I am hundred percent faithful to the diet.

Or am I mistaken?