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dtheorem wrote: My main question is this: could this be candida die-off? Or does this sound like more of a “yeast is still advancing” problem.

It’s really impossible to say for certain without more information about your specific situation. But considering the other information you’ve supplied, my guess is die-off.

I’ve been taking coconut oil for the last few weeks as an anti-fungal, and discovered that I really like the taste and texture of it. This was all before I read about slowly increasing your dosage of coconut oil, and I started off by taking the equivalent of about 18-20 teaspoons of the stuff everyday.

This would certainly explain the severe die-off symptoms.

It was only later that I learned about die-off destroying your liver and other organs.

Have you now read enough to be aware of Molybdenum and the role it plays in die-off?

Has anyone had this experience before?

A lot of people have to one degree or another; some to the point of passing out.

Is it normal for die-off related symptoms to appear as soon as you eat anything?

Just about anything is possible with a Candida infestation, so maybe it isn’t normal, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

Should I go on another fast to clear everything up and start over again?

A fast won’t help if it’s die-off. Remaining on the diet but removing any antifungal until you’ve been on Molybdenum for three days would be a good thing to do.

Read this post if you haven’t already done so.