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Angor wrote: My main problem is gas and diarrhea and also right now a stubborn UTI. So, the UTI speaks for candida and the gas speaks for SIBO.

Are you sure the UTI is fungal? Various microbes can cause them. Do you ever get fungal infections elsewhere or a thick white coating on the tongue? Attributing generalised symptoms like constipation, fatigue etc to candida can seriously send you in the wrong direction. For many people, susceptibility to infection is just another symptom of an underlying problem(s). SIBO isn’t a result of antibiotic use as far as I’m aware, so you should be questioning how or why microbes have been able to invade your small intestine.

Angor wrote: Right now I’m just thinking about how I should tackle the problem with my restricted diet. I can’t eat only cucumber, zucchini and eggs for years. I just don’t know what to do exactly … How could one combinate a diet for candida and at the same time SIBO.

Is that literally all you’re eating right now? How much protein are you getting with so little carbs? What about calories? Are you losing weight? Have you developed other symptoms like cold intolerance, trouble sleeping, hair loss etc? Do your original problems seem to be getting better or worse?

It’s wise to keep microbes in mind, but it’s ultimately your body that matters. What if slow metabolism, poor glucose handling, chronic inflammation, weakened immunity, poor thyroid hormone conversion etc are issues for you? Is your current diet giving your body the nutrition it needs to address such potential issues?

I’d guess your problems are pretty unique, and Latka’s experience with fruit shows you the value of self-experimentation and thinking past dogma. I don’t know what advice to give you except to continue researching, testing (if possible), experimenting and never taking anything for granted. If you settle in on the wrong approach or accept the wrong set of beliefs, you might get stuck in a rut for a long time.