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Latka wrote:
If your digestion is weak and you are not producing enough enzymes for breaking down fiber that already can give fiber intolerance issues. Not sure it always would indicate SIBO. And gas can also be caused by Candida overgrowth. Do you get bloated as well?

There isn’t supposed to any Candida in the small intestine as far as I understand. But I’m thinking, if there is Candida overgrowht in the colon and if the valve between colon and small intestine doesn’t work properly (as in the case of SIBO it doesnt) then what would stop Candida from expanding into the small intestine too? Then again if it did get there, would it not regulate the bacterial overgrowth there? But I guess it is possible to have both.

Hello Latka! I do get bloated, not always but a couple of times a week. But I think it was worse before.

That sounds possible, but it doesn’t really feel like my problems are based in the small intestine. It feels like it’s coming to the colon. For example, I used to do enams a couple of years ago (the kinds with laxitives that you buy at the pharmacist) and it would make me feel better to have an empty colon. It made me less gassy and the inflamed feeling went away. Do you know if SIBO can cause symptoms only from the small intestine or if you could get symptoms in the colon as well?

Latka wrote: Funny thing about those Swedish bitters: when I googled them after not finding them here even though I live in Scandinavia (next door to Sweden really), I found out that they are actually Swiss!

Haha. Yeah that makes no sense. Oh, really. Norway, right? I just read it under your avtar 🙂

Latka wrote: I understand your frustration with the very restricted diet. I personally don’t follow this diet or that any more. i test things for myself and choose foods that I can digest well. if something gives me gas or bloating I try to eliminate it. Though I play around with this too. For example I’ve found out that I can have eggs but just not in the same meal I have certain veggies (ie cabbage). I can also have raw cauliflower salad on its own just fine, whereas if I have it as part of a bigger meal I will get gas afterwards. In the long run though I am generally just trying to improve my digestion and increase my metabolism as well as resolving the constipation issue.

Good tip about the combination of foods. I never think about that! I’ll really start paying attention. Thank you yet agaian! I wish you the best with your diet and health.