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moochpb;33313 wrote: What are some good enzymes before eating? I forgot what mine are called and I take hcl with pepsin. Any recommendations?

Mooch, if you were following the forum protocol you’d already be using the correct enzyme supplement like Hope. As she stated, you should be using Swedish Digestive Bitters; be sure you get the alcohol-free form.

There are several good reasons that I recommend Swedish Digestive Bitters in place of all other enzymes, and this is explained on that particular part of the protocol. First of all, they allow the body to make its own enzymes in the correct number and type when they’re needed. Plus, as Hope explained, they help to prevent constipation as well as acting as a liver flush each time they’re used. No one fighting a Candida infestation should be without Swedish Digestive Bitters and Liver Flush.