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moochpb;47936 wrote: colonics have been helping me greatly. Its equivalent to twenty bowel movements a session, and to see the yeast and toxing coming out is great. I have had three only and will continue to go every two weeks probably for 6 months or so. I feel so much better I can’t even tell you. Enemas are good but colonics are much better in my opinion. Just get a strong probiotic like vsl 3

I’m glad they are working for you! A friend of mine scared me off of colonics for now so I’m too scared to try until I talk to my naturopath about it next month. Personally, I’ve seen a lot more positive stories than negative ones in regards to colonics. I’m also pretty confident my naturopath will be for colonics and not against but I’d rather discuss first with her.

After reading dvjorges story, that is what really steered me towards trying it. He basically tried every antifungal and followed lots of different protocols to the T and still couldn’t make any breakthroughs. It wasn’t until he started doing enemas with nystatin did it turn around for him.

My only regret is that I didn’t start the enemas earlier because I was having incredible constipation when I was experiencing my worst die off. Had I of been doing enemas regularly, I would of decreased my toxicity load immensely instead of waiting and praying that I would have a BM.

I honestly feel die off and constipation go hand and hand so it would only make sense that enemas and colonics should be seriously considered.

To anybody willing to try enemas to decrease their toxicity. Start out small and work your way up to doing a full enema bag because your first enema will be the most uncomfortable due to the amount of waste still in you. As you empty it out, the enemas get easier and easier.