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jay253;38351 wrote: i did the coffee enema for 5 times once a day it helped with my ear pain but gets you strung out.i discovered hyphal fungal form candida strings after a week of enemas i quit and it took 5 days to have a bm i felt there was more so i did a enema and allot was removed 4 months later i cant go with out a enema first and now im not digesting correctly! i think enema or coffee has caused my digestion to stop! i got tested to have elevated liver enzymes and low thyroid its my first liver test i did. Had surgery also and took meds but my thyroid test before was good. the last 4 weeks i went from 165 to 120 i lost 3 pounds today!!!!! Here is my weeks meals, 1 cup fresh green juice lemon blast. bone or chicken soup with 2 vegetables and kale @3 bowls, 3 eggs with some leafy greens, i just started eggs but think they may case C.or trapped gas, 4 tbls nut butter or coco flour for fiber,3tsp cultured butter or coco oil on soup,small amount goat cheese. 1/2 to 1 quart kefir or yogurt strained of whey with flax oil, half a lemon ate like a orange! eating raw foods i see it in the enema so i cut that down even avacado i feel it goes stait to the large colon then breaks down there, coco oil makes my throat feel much worse i drink throat coat tea all-day sometimes with walnut oil because its dry. hey one great thing my tounge has a thick yellowness towards the back i bought now foods xyliwhite mouth wash and tooth paste it has caprylic,gse,xylitol,herbal oils and its removed the yellow it made my tounge red though not pink i gargle with it no help there i dont see candida in my throat just the translucent bumps. im takeing nac,d3/k,pantothenic,lipotrepein liver rescue and molyb, i tryed enzyme with no diff. and betaine hci 2 days got to 7 pills per meal no warmth or reflux dont know what to feel, i got puffy below my ribs and its still that way i trying to get a sigmoidoscopy. im to scared of the colonscopy of the drug also i herd they cant fully clean them. i would like to get a virtual ct colon scan

Jay, I’ve answered your email, please read it as soon as you can.