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You will have always who may follow and believe your authoritarianism. For sure this will happen but this is an open forum where many reads.
Don’t lose your time posting articles about the Ph and the mutation of candida albicans. I have read many of them. This is not new and something you have copied very well from Hv. (I have read your posts in his forum)

Anyway, this doesn’t take anybody to anywhere. I only want to remain you that no everybody swallows your theory.
By the way, you also have copied very well to quote every answer in the same way Hv does.

What about this one ?? The most revelant ! Comments ???

Readers, as you will notice reading this scientific articles, science has battled very hard to understand what cause the morphogenesis of candida albicans. You will notice how different triggers has been identified and how science recognizes the exact mechanism is still unclear. There is a very interesting article from 2008 where a group of scientifc believe they finally have found the real inducer from yeast to hyphae.
I don’t have any intention of arguing against anybody, but I can not tolerate reading personal opinions given as absolute fact, and less with a mandatory tone.

As you may notice in these articles and my first answer in this thread, I mentioned temperature, genetic changes, and the reality science isn’t totally clear about this topic. All these things can be read in these medical papers. Please, don’t believe in the myths you find in forums. Do your own research.