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My dear Jorge, it’s becoming more and more apparent that, either you really do hate me for whatever reason, or you’re a somewhat disturbed and insecure individual to believe you have to stoop to ridiculous assumptions and accusations of your opponent during an open debate; although I have no idea what the purpose of either the assumptions or accusations might be. Is it really so important to think you have the “upper hand” in a simple nothing-at-stake-debate that you feel you have to resort to this action?

You’ve read my posts in “his” forum”?
Not that you actually did, but what’s your point? Are you assuming that this “Hv” and I are the only people on earth who have figured out the mystery of a Candida albicans infestation, and I had the audacity to post the information on another forum? You certainly don’t give the rest of the world much credit my dear man.
So you think this ‘third person’ on Curezone and I are the same person … well, why don’t you accuse ‘Hv’, myself and the third person of being one single individual instead of two? Are you not yet paranoid enough to think of that possibility?
Oh I see; I had to read your post again to actually… absorb what you’re purposing. So you think I stole this person’s … what? Protocol? So now you believe that only one person is capable of discovering the protocol on the site? Is the protocol so … what? Ridiculous, absurd, ingenious, stupid? That only one person could possibly discover it?

You know, the research is there for anyone who wishes to look for it; to read, analyze, and just take time to put it all together. Surely Hv, myself, or the mysterious Third Person can’t be one of only three … two? … one? people to figure it out.

Let me ask you just one question if I may, Jorge. It’s almost painfully apparent that you become terribly emotional and disturbed by the protocol here on the forum and anyone’s defense of it, I mean you’ve made that more than obviously clear on several occasions. What is it exactly about this protocol that makes you so against it and anyone who tries to defend its potential? That’s something I’ve never been able to understand about you, really, what exactly is the big, unpardonable sin of the protocol? Do you think we’re making people sicker with it? Is that it? Come on, there has to be a reason for you becoming so agitated and anxious over the protocol and any defense of it even to the point of making unheard of accusations against me when I defend it. Or, is it just me, Jorge? Can you tell us what it is?
I don’t understand you, Jorge; I’m finally forced to admit it, congratulations – and somebody give that man a cigar.


Oh look! You’ve gone and edited your post, added to it even. How thoughtful.

The first link contains research from the University of California. I’ve also quoted California’s universities as my research sources.

My quote was:
“Candida species are a normal part of the human microbiota and reside in low numbers in the mouth, vagina, and GI tract of healthy individuals.”
Research source: Pulmonary Division, Department of Internal Medicine, University of Michigan and the University of California San Francisco. Published in PLoS Pathogens: A Peer-Reviewed Open-Access

The second link is dead.
The third one I’ve also quoted from as my source.
The forth one I’ve also quoted from.
The fifth link; same thing.
The sixth link is dead.

Ok, so what have we got here. We’ve shown that both of us can find research to prove our arguments in the same journals and from the same universities? Your point?


PS: Sorry, Jorge, I’m going to have to call it quits with this subject as far as posting on the forum. I’m not about to keep going until we evoke another response such as Ashlay posted on the water fast topic (thanks, Ash). No use in continuing on the forum as by now I’m sure everyone else is tired of this back and forth source-posting, and there’s no reason not to take it to either a PM or email. You already have my personal email address. Hit me with it man.