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For those of you that still don’t know, the gut microbiota resides in the colon. The colon has around a billion of microbies by milliliter of fluid, instead the small bowel has around 100 000 by milliliter of fluid. Most of the butyric acid, lactic acid, and acetic acid is produced in the colon. The small bowel is almost sterile when we are healthy. When we take oral antifungals, most of them are absorbed before to reach the lower intestinal parts, so using the logic and common sense, it tells you that low antifungal concentration is reached in the colon and the small bowel is targeted stronger by the antifungals. Candida escapes and multiply where it is poorly attacked, where putrefaction and fermentation occur that favor its growth.

Knowing this, supported by the books about this syndrome, and common sense, we can say enemas play a big role lowering the fungal colonies in the colon that are probably in a bigger concentration than any other intestinal part. Nystatin enemas target the colon and have given excellent results to candida sufferers. As I told before, if you go to Curezone archives, and look for successful candida testimonies, you will see how most of those people did enemas. I am doing them since some time already, and I am blaming myself because I didn’t considered them early. If I negate it, I am negating the help I can give this community of sufferers.