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Mrs.Carly wrote: Hi Thomas! Western medicine, my my humble opinion, do not believe in treating the problem, but rather the symptoms. You take pills for that, then have to take more pills for the side effect so on. I went to a holistic doctor here in Town. She did a blood test…it cost me $350.00 for this very extensive blood test but I showed a positive reaction to several foods and an actual allergic reaction to yeast and eggs. According to her, food intolerance and food allergies are just different in that one shows an immediate reaction (and allergies can be more severe) and the other shows a delayed reaction (up to 3 days later it can pop up). I paid for the food allergy test and the visits with the holistic doctor out of my own pocket, insurance will not cover, BUT I no longer have the abdominal and back pains i used to have when I cut it out. Most of my migraines have gone away too. I’m still battling the candida though. After my thanksgiving week vacation I am going to really reevaluate my diet and make some more cuts. I am not cheating by any means, but there are some things that I can do to improve, for sure.

I would HIGHLY recommend seeking a holistic doctor. She is the one that told me about the candida overgrowth (well I had come across this possibility several years ago, but didn’t want to do the diet). Since then, my thoughts have changed!

Thank you for your answer. If I understand you right it is possible to test all food and problems food related with a blood test? What do I search for, what is the name of the procedure? Here in Sweden it is very difficult to find a holistic doctor. I heard that 3 doctors are in problems, they want to remove their licence because they, as normal doctors gave people homoeopathic medicine. For me to find one good holistic doctor I think I will have to google with the right search words.