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Hi Carly,

I know what you’re going through, it can be really difficult in the beginning to try to think of different things to eat and to try to plan meals… especially when you have to go to work. I know that I was so used to going out to buy a sandwhich, soup, some sushi or other such foodstuffs readily available in the shops. I also loved cereal and coffee for breakfast and found this hard to give up.

There is a recipe section within the Forum that all the members have been adding to. This is split up into Breakfast, Main meals and snacks. This has helped me quite a bit.

To give you an idea of what I would have for a few days though:

Day 1
-Breakfast: Small pot of natural, unsweetened, Greek yogurt (sometimes with a slice of coconut bread with coconut oil on it if I am hungry).
-Lunch: Large bowl of veggie noodle soup made from yeast and sugar free stock (any veg on the allowed list with some buckwheat noodles, often called ‘Soba’ noodles) with two or three slices of coconut bread with coconut oil on it. (I make the soup in the morning and put it in a flask for work)
-Snack: coconut cookies
-Evening Meal: White fish marinated in olive oil and a few spices or ‘coconut aminos’ with a variety of vegetables.

Day 2
-Breakfast: small glass of kefir and a few coconut pancakes with a dollop of Natural greek yogurt
-Lunch: Large bowl of veggie soup (different veggies to the day before) with a few slices of coconut bread
– Snack: Small pot of Natural greek yogurt
– Evening Meal: Green veggie egg foo yung (from forum recipes)

Another great breakfast is a couple of soft boiled eggs with a few slices of toasted coconut bread. You can find the recipe for two versions of the bread in the forum recipe section under main meals I believe.

My boyfriend has perfected a korma curry recipe made with a variety of mild spices and coconut milk and coconut cream. I have that maybe once a fortnight with chicken, some buckwheat and two or three steamed veggies e.g butternut squash and broccoli. I also have stirfry quite a bit (without rice of course) and just add a small handful of frozen prawns or a few small strips of chicken and use oil mixed with some garlic and light spices or some ‘coconut aminos’.

I try to have a couple of veggie days followed by a ‘meat/fish’ day then veggie days followed by a meat day in an attempt to try to keep amonia producing foods to a minimum.

I would say that the coconut bread is a lifesaver in terms of hunger control. I’m now at the stage where I am not hounded by hunger in between meals. My meals tend to fill me up for quite some time.

I hope you’ve found this helpful. :o)