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I don’t eat oatmeal, I used to, but i showed an allergic reaction to it.I don’t eat wheat products…I was saying that I USED to, and the years of eating this way led to this. I can’t eat eggs, Allergic to it. The reason why I eat so much meat is because I’m starving, all the time. I am always hungry and never feel full. I’ve even cut back on exercising in hopes that will help. It hasn’t. Chicken is nasty heated up (I work 40-50 hours a week and rely on leftovers a lot), but I will eat more of it if you think it will help.

So basically this diet is just veggies mainly? WOW, not really a whole lot you can do in a day when you are living off of just vegetables. I still have to have energy to go to work, and the gym. I’ve already dedicated 5 weeks to this. I don’t want to dedicate much more. I want to eat fruits again. I want to stop feeling so tired every single day. For the past 10 years of my life I’ve had abdominal pain from eating foods I’m allergic to. This doesn’t seem much better. I still don’t feel very good. I don’t mind avoiding sugar, but I’m also not supposed to eat the same thing every day. My doctor told me if I eat chicken, I can’t eat it again for 3 days. Doesn’t leave a lot of choices if I eat chicken one day, and Fish the next, and just vegetables the next day? I just don’t understand how I can live on just vegetables! I am already starving as it is!! Do you have any other recommendations??

This is why I asked for an example of what people are eating in a day, a menu if you will. I already know about the list, but you are saying not to eat much meat. I am EXTREMELY confused. If someone would just give me a generic menu, It would be helpful.

meal 1: X Y Z
Meal 2: X Y Z