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To everyone feeling depressed about suffering from chronic bad breath, don’t lose hope, there really are solutions to this frustrating problem.

My girlfriend first told me that I had bad breath six months ago, though the likelihood is I’ve had it much longer and other people were either too scared or embarrassed to tell me. It was hard for me to initially accept that I had bad breath, not to mention extremely embarrassing and a blow to my confidence and self-esteem.

What was most frustrating, however, was that I actually couldn’t tell that I had a bad breath problem. I couldn’t smell anything and the only time I had an inkling was when I dabbed the back of my tongue with my finger and smelt it. My girlfriend was on the receiving end of my bad breath, and noticed it especially after I ate, whenever I physically exerted myself, or when I was stressed. Needless to say, it took a toll on our relationship, as the bad breath inhibited us from getting close or intimate.

Having tried to remedy the problem myself with regular brushing, mouthwash, chewing gum, and a tongue scraper, I visited two different dentists only to be told that my teeth and gums were absolutely fine and not the cause of my bad breath.

Following that I also visited two different GPs. The first doctor prescribed me an over-the-counter bacterial mouthwash, which temporarily eradicated the problem for a week or so, while the other referred me for a gastroscopy, which again showed no connection to my bad breath.

Most recently, I visited a homeopathic doctor who, following an hour-long consultation, concluded that the cause of my bad breath emanated from my stomach due to an internal imbalance that resulted in poor digestion.

She prescribed a concoction of mixed herbs to be taken as cups of tea three times per day, along with some drops (also to be taken before eating three times per day). I’ve been taking the treatment for about a week now and my bad breath has, I’ve been told, almost completely gone! I still can’t quite believe it. It’s early days (the treatment lasts one month) but I’m feeling much more optimistic and seriously recommend consulting a homeopath.

For those interested in the details of my treatment, please feel free to read on…

The initial 60-minute consultation was pretty extensive and included me talking about my family, childhood, traumatic experiences and other instances of ill health (I also suffer from Alopecia) and past visits to the hospital (i.e. for broken bones). It felt rather like a therapy or counselling session.

The doctor then asked me to lie down on a bed while she administered a form of Japanese acupuncture. This lasted for around 20 minutes. Following that, she performed some New Age-type exercises that helped her form a diagnosis.

The 50ml bottle of drops prescribed to me is called Amara-Tropfen and helps to aid digestion. I take 30 drops in water (can be taken without water too) three times per day just before eating.

The tea that I drink three times per day consists of the following ingredients…

– Passion flower/fruit herbs (20g)
– Hypericum herbs (20g)
– Oat straw (15g)
– Camomile flowers (30g)
– Barberry (20g)
– Linseed (25g)
– Flax seeds (25g)
– Blackthorn (15g)
– Bitter fennel (25g)
– Caraway seeds (15g)

As homeopathy is a very personalised form of treatment, I wouldn’t recommend simply replicating the above ingredients, you’ll need to take a combination of ingredients specific to your own situation.

I appreciate that this can sound like a load of mumbo-jumbo but it has honestly made a difference to my bad breath – and more so than any western/traditional medicine.