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ichigo13 wrote:
Mouth tastes metallic sometimes, shit sometimes, urine sometimes, I don’t know what to do anymore.

Is there who has done candida diet solely to eliminate bad breath?
Or anyone who has been worried of foul breath and thought that candida is the culprit?

Hi, since you have said your breath smells fecal or of urine sometimes suggests that this is not the average bad breath that some people suffer from.

There are people who suffer from rare disorders that can cause them to smell of unusual substances such as feces, urine, bad eggs, garbage, onions, sulphur etc. The odor can originate from different places depending on the person so some people have it come from their breath, others in their body odor, feet, sweat etc. I suffer from fecal body odor.

Unfortuanately there is currently little research but there is a charity who are currently investigating the cause of these disorders through doing small informal research studies. They have found out that people who complain of unusual body odors often have a bacterial overgrowth, which is probably not a cause of the condition but could play a part.

They have several ideas about what the cause could be which are metabolic: TMAU, isolated persistent hypermethionemia, a deficient FMO3 gene.

You can find out more about the disorders here and take part in the research studies if you wish:

Support website where you will find others with similar problems:
Here you may find some more specific answers to controlling the odor!