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Hello everybody,

I found this forum very interesting. I have suffered chronic halitosis for 6 years and i’ve tried countless medicines, prescription drugs, herbal supplements, but nothing works for me. I read a lot of feedback about TheraBreath, but the problem is i can’t afford to buy them. I suspect that my BB comes from my stomach and esophagus because of candida. I used to have tonsil stones and i managed to eliminate them but my halitosis is still present. I have 4 silver fillings removed because of mercury(toxic) build up in my system which sometimes i smelled like metallic rust. I also have hiatal hernia with an open ileocecal valve, (pls. see article @ ( ) ulcer, esophagitis, sinusitis and constipation. And i think these diseases have greatly contributed to my halitosis and affect my entire life. Most of the time i smelled like a sewer, rotten human flesh or egg. It’s so frustrating and i don’t know what to do anymore. I’m afraid to talk to people because i’m ashamed that they could smell my mouth odor. I felt like i’m imprisoned in my own world and scared to get out because of these diseases. But i’m still hoping and praying that i could beat this disease and free myself from this nightmare.

As of now, i am trying my best to complete the three months candida diet and i’m now in stage two. I have already experienced migraine, runny nose, and metalic taste, maybe this is what they call die off symptoms? I’m not sure. Anyway, my problem is, the food i’m eating which is recommended for hiatal hernia but not with candida. e.g. Apple or apple juice is good for eliminating acid reflux or GERD but the sugar content in it is not recommended for candida sufferer. Foods that are allowed on candida diet but not allowed on hiatal hernia sufferer. I don’t know what to eat anymore. Please help. I appreciate any advice coming from all of you. God bless us all.