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DianaBanana wrote: ichigo13 – Wow, that must be tough. I don’t know much about it, but I do remember having a friend in school with very bad breath and it was hard for her to make friends because of it. She never understood what the problem was, and nobody wanted to tell her. I couldn’t tell her either (I was too shy, and only 11 years old), but at least I forced myself to ignore it and to be her friend. She was so grateful and I’m glad I was her friend, although it was hard.

I can’t offer any specific advice and I don’t know if your problem is candida, but one thing that occurred to me is “oil pulling.” You can look it up on the Internet…there’s lots of information. Just keep reading and you will find some theories and methods, none of them harmful and all possibly helpful. Personally, I do it almost every day, about 15-20 minutes, using extra light olive oil because it has almost no flavor. If the source of your problem is bacteria in your mouth, this would almost certainly cure it!

Best wishes!

Thank you for the sympathy DianaBanana. Youre friend is so lucky to have you. It is really hard to improve your social life when you have this kind of problem. I do not know actually what the real problem is. My dentist told me before that it is because of the bad bacteria (too much) inside my mouth. I did all her advises to control the bad bacteria to its normal level but the problem is I don’t thinks its working. Since I had this history of having a candida in my esophagus before, I thought that I need to restore my health back to normal by doing a candida diet. I am moving on to stage 2 now after 6 days of doing the cleansing. Now I have this rashes all over my body and its so itchy.
Anyway, Never heard it before. but I will definitely do a research on that oil pulling. BTW Does your friend still suffer from halitosis? My cousin used to have a bad breath when he was 11-13 yo but it is now gone. I think that certain kid can have that because they their immune system is now yet fully developed or something. This is just a guess though.