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Metamorph wrote: is it true that we should not eat more than 2 eggs each day? my father’s girlfriend said that they proved that it harms your body… did they prove that it’s not true yet? because for example there are proofs that soy is good and proofs that it isn’t good and for almost all the food that is out there. 🙂

when your body is really “cured” of candida… if you would start eating like you did before and that got you into problems with candida… it would take some time for candida to multiply again or would they respond immediately and overcome your body in like a week? i was eating wrong for many years and started having big problems only after 18 years of my life..

The way you eat doesn’t cause candida. It isn’t the food that you eat the root cause. An intestinal fungal overgrowth is mostly an iatrogenic illness triggered by medicines such as antibiotics, antiacids, and hormonal therapies. Other people have a genetic predisposition to it that allow the overgrowth. Immune suppression caused by long term exposure to the yeast is the most common cause. Of course, if you eat a sugary diet, it has the fuel to growth. I lived 42 years enjoying a perfect health and eating a bad diet full of sugar and many wrong things. It wasn’t until I had several dental works with amalgams when candida became out of control. Later, the antibiotics I was prescribed created more problems. There are millions living with hamburgers, french fried, and sodas without an intestinal fungal overgrowth. If you discover your underlying cause, and correct it, candida doesn’t relapse. Otherwise, if you follow the anticandida protocol, but your hidden cause is still there, you will be able to control the infection, but it will return as soon as you open the diet or stop the antifungals. You need to brake the immune tolerance to the fungus, and reactivate the immunity. When this happen, the immune system won’t allow it to growth out of control. If you want a better and healthy diet for the future, it is all to you, but the diet doesn’t rule candida.