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Ok I think it is starting the settle in, so what you are saying is if my egg has 6 g of protein, I would multiply 6 X 4 to come up with 24 calories that would be counted toward the amount of at least 200 as you recommended before.

My teff has 7g of protein I would take 7X4 and get 28 calories from protein and it has 37 carbohydrates so 37X4 would be 148 calories from from carbohydrates

So if I added them together I would now have 52 calories from protein and 148 calories from carbs.
If I were doing 200 calories from protein I would need 148 more for that day and I would need 400 calories from carbs in this case and I would need 252 more to get a grand total of 600 calories!
Is this it, do I get it?