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orka1998 wrote: I tested ginger past few days …. I continued eating it. Half way through it was gone. I finished the meal to the end. I did feel a bit crappy, not too much, in the afternoon, but it seemed more like a die-off (not sure if ginger can cause it or something else did it)

Hello, Arijana.

Concerning ginger’s antifungal properties; in a study, ginger exhibited strong antifungal properties against various fungi, including strains that were resistant to presecription antifungals. So the ginger was probably the cause of the mild die-off.

To expain to those who may not be aware, Arijana is not experiencing strong die-off symptoms right now because she’s decreased the population of the infesation significantly already therefore cutting down the amount of toxins released and as well as the degree of die-off.

Thanks for all the information in your post.