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Jo*Jo wrote: I’ve just remembered another ear related problem that I had for a few years. Sometimes I would wake up with one ear feeling full or blocked and my hearing would be slightly impaired. Early on it was quite random but after a few years it would last for a couple of days and then a couple of weeks. It really affected my day to day life as i had real trouble hearing and my hearing isnt great anyway.

I’ve always gone to audiology departments and ENT specialists at local hospitals about my hearing and I now have hearing aids but each time I went i would ask them to check the pressure on my ears and it was always fine.

One day I decided it had to be related to something I was eating even though I never had an immediate reaction to anything.. i guess it was delayed. The first possible thing I found on the internet about it was wheat and gluten so I cut that out and I’ve not had that problem since!

If those symptoms began around the same time that I developed candida then I have had this for around 12 years

12 years! Outch! Shows just how useless doctors can be!

I think my overgrowth is there for at least 25 years (since I had chronic vag. thrush for that many years), but was kept under control with good diet and healthy lifestyle for a good chunk of that (about 10 years). I just hope that it will not take me 25 years to clear this beast 🙂

Best of luck to you Jo Jo!