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1533jd;48888 wrote: Hi everyone,

I have been following 3 different diets over the past 2 years, being the Candida diet, GAPS and SCD. All of which should put you onto a path of healing or at least give some symptomatic relief. What I found was I was not gaining any benefit from these diets as my symptoms stayed despite strict discipline throughout. This led me to wonder, what on earth is preventing me from healing and dysnautomia seemed one of the only likely things to be causing such destruction on healing.

I have been diagnosed with POTS, which is Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. A pretty destructive form of Dysnautomia. Which would explain the lack of progress.

Does anyone know how to heal the gut when you have Dysautonomia?

If not can anyone point me in the right direction to find others like me who can help me?

Best wishes

If you have a diagnosis confirming a yeast overgrowth in your gut, a diet won’t cure it.

An Iatrogenic severe yeast overgrowth causes dysautonomia since the neuroendocrine system is what is more affected by the reaction of yeast metabolites with the immune system.

The only way to cure an intestinal yeast overgrowth is long term antifungal therapy ( systemic and non systemic ) plus an smart anti-candida diet. The antifungal must be taken at the right dosage and combination, and long term means months ! Some people need 10 or more months of diary Nystatin plus Fluconazole or any other synergistic combination. Then, they probably need a maintenance therapy weekly for 6 months to avoid relapse.

I am expeculating your case be yeast related. If not, you need tests to detect what is wrong with you.