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That’s an important point, Javizy, that the term ‘good bacteria’ is a bit misleading. What is important is to establish a proper balance in the gut. I think initially I got fooled by the idea that if I just keep taking this ‘good bacteria’ I can fix my problem. I actually ended up a lot worse for it. Ever since I started taking a stronger strain probiotic in May I have been super bloated; I look about 5 months pregnant and my skin is in a terrible condition (which I believe to be caused by problems in the gut). I just had a check up the past week and apparently I no longer have Candida overgrowth. BUT I am in a lot worse shape now: I look and feel so much worse and I have a growing suspicion that I may have taken too many of these ‘good’ bacterias? perhaps even introduced them somewhere where they should not be such as the small intestine?

Not sure what to do next. I have stopped taking the probiotics for now. I also cannot handle any fermented dairy unless I want to look like I’m about to give birth at any minute now.

It is of course possible that taking probiotics can be help someone, depending on the problem or imbalance they have (I was fine on the weaker probiotics I took earlier on). But it is so difficult to know what to do to find the right balance.