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mygutleaks;42335 wrote: Why do you suppose doctors that treat candida, say that fruit is ok? There is a new doc on the Curezone website, Dr. Bakker, from New Zealand. He says that after two to three weeks of a strict diet, one can eat fruit. Also Dr. McCombs has the SF722 plan that supposedly works with fruit. And the author of the GAPS Diet, also a doc, (plus author of SCD Diet) have plans that involve fruit eating. But, when you read the hundreds of posts online, most of those eating fruit agree it worsens their candida. Personally, I am eating salads every day and almost zero sugar – I am reacting to most veggies, eggs, coconut, most everything on the strict diet in fact. The only things I seem to not react to are lettuce, avocadoes, cucumbers, some meat and seafood, and so this has become my diet. I also don’t react to fruit, but am not wanting to add it back in out of fear of never healing my leaky gut. But can I really go on eating salads for every meal?

What Able said is true.

Don’t take bad decisions that worsen your health.