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Bob’s Red Mill answered me back
“Thank you for your inquiry. Bob’s Red Mill packages a Coconut Flake that is all natural, meaning that there are no chemicals or preservatives added and no sulfites are used. The Coconut products are not bleached, which is why sometimes they are more ivory in coloring rather than a pure white color.
Our purchasing department continues to seek sources for Organic versions of all of our products. The specifications they must consider are very complex: first, they must be able to source an adequate supply to satisfy all of our distribution channels. Even though Organic products may be available, we must be able to provide these products consistently and to a large consumer base. Second, they must consider the cost. Organic products are traditionally more expensive because they are more labor intensive to produce and certify. We don’t want to offer a product that our customers cannot afford. Third, our purchasing department must determine the demand for the specific product. Raw ingredients are contracted on a yearly basis so we must be able to quantify the demand or need for the specific Organic product.

We’ve felt fortunate in the last few years to have found so many reliable Organic sources. As our company continues to grow, I’m sure our supplier relationships will grow and change as well.”

I feel good about using their Dried Coconut Flakes and Vitacost has a great price on them.