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Jenny, below are a few questions which I just answered yesterday. I think the answers cover the questions you had. If you have other questions or concerns, just let us know.

Question: “Should I begin taking the antifungals (coconut oil, garlic pills) from the start of cleanse. Or, should i wait until after the die off? What is the most effective route?”

Reply: Start the cleanse leaving the antifungals out for the time being. Chicken and fish should be left of out your diet during the cleanse if at all possible.
After a week to two weeks of the cleanse, you can start eating more protein sources such as young fish (sardines, herring) or wild salmon occasionally or organic chicken. Organic eggs should remain your main source for proteins throughout the cleanse and treatment.
NOTE: Jenny, in your case, if you’ve already started the coconut oil, I would continue taking it through the cleanse. If you haven’t started it, then just wait until after the cleanse.
After a week to two weeks of the cleanse, you can start an antifungal or probiotic, but choose only one to start with. Stay on the one you choose for at least two weeks before starting another one.

If you get the correct ones, 3 or 4 antifungals are enough. Oil of oregano, coconut oil and/or undecenoic acid, and raw garlic and/or garlic pills containing allicin are the best antifungals.

A good probiotic is MegaFlora by MegaFood which contains 14 strains and a count of 29 billion. Start with one capsule a day taken on an empty stomach one hour before a meal or two hours after.

Question: “Can Molybdenum be taken throughout the cleanse, or should it only be used during the die off?”

Reply: Molybdenum can and should be taken from the beginning. It’ll be a life saver during your die-off period as it prevents the toxins from doing so much damage to the body, especially the liver.

Jenny, Caprylic acid and coconut oil are excellent, although they’re basically the same thing, however ThreeLac is a waste of your money.