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Hi, Jenny.

Quote: I am planning to start with cleanse for a week, drinking lemon water and eating just raw or steamed veggies. After that, if I understand right, will start taking caprylic acid pills and coconut oil and raw garlic and adding to my diet.”

Reply: You should start only one of the antifungals at a time. Wait at least two weeks before you start another one.

Quote: I know you are speaking about molybdeum? much but what exactly it is and why does it help with candida and if I take so many antifungals is it going to do any harm to me ?

Reply: Molybdenum is needed to protect the liver and body in general from the Candida toxins as well as lessen die-off effects. It’s an essential mineral which is already found naturally in the human body, and supplements are available in vitamin stores. Molybdenum is found in many foods, but for a Candida infestation normally more is needed than what’s available in the foods we eat. It’s not going to harm you.

About the yogurt, you’ll want to purchase only Organic Non-Sweetened Greek Yogurt with a minimum of sugar content. Oikos and Fage are two of the best brands. You can also make homemade kefir for your diet which would be a great benefit, you can use goat’s milk or even coconut milk if you prefer instead of cow’s milk.