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Ya this is a very old one lol. I think I should restate what I meant in the message because self research is important. What I am mostly trying to address above is that people will chase this for years and do all of these far fetched ideas, when in reality they need a solid and basic plan.

I basically feel that to save time, money, stress, health, etc. you might want to go to a naturopath and figure out how to get better via a professional. The self treatment stuff might cost you big time. For instance, what if you spent years treating yourself for candida when in reality its IBS or h.pylori or sibo or mercury toxicity, etc.

Also professional advice is valuable because you can bounce ideas off of them such as what you learn in the forum. From my experience, they likely will agree with many of your findings. However they might know of different things to address via their methods. For instance if you talked to one about chelation, they likely have their own opinion about the best method. You might wan to wait to do it when your pH is neutral, etc.

I wrote this at a time when we had maybe 30-50 hardcore members and a lot of them were like “I think I have this, and I think I have this, etc.” when they really just don’t know what they are ill with. For instance, someone might say “I have CFS, IBS, candida, etc.” when they haven’t talked to a single professional about treating this and their health problems. I’d hate for people to spend 1-2 years on this forum, sucking up every word of advice and then it not work because they really were ill with something else. We’ve had many forum members go through this and really had bad thyroid problems, etc.

You need to go back in time when I wrote this, because on this forum…people were almost begging for information and a lot of people were totally brainwashed by able, etc. You don’t know how this forum was back in 2011! Able was basically telling everyone how to get better step by step before the protocol daily. It was intense. Maybe 70% of the people got better though, it was miraculous. But the poor people that suffered…it was tough to see it happen. Able’s ideas didn’t heal everyone and they didn’t help me very much, and I wanted to share my advice on how to get better faster.

This was just a general warning message I gave to others because I spent about 4-6 months on the forum getting the best advice possible from able900 , dvjorge (when he was new to the forum), and the others and it just wasn’t doing jack shit basically. I went to a naturopath and I got better 2-10x faster in the same amount of time. It was like night and day. I just want people to get good quality professional healthcare because this is a serious medical condition that you shouldn’t mess around with.