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You need to go back in time when I wrote this, because on this forum…people were almost begging for information and a lot of people were totally brainwashed by able, etc. You don’t know how this forum was back in 2011! Able was basically telling everyone how to get better step by step before the protocol daily. It was intense. Maybe 70% of the people got better though, it was miraculous. But the poor people that suffered…it was tough to see it happen. Able’s ideas didn’t heal everyone and they didn’t help me very much, and I wanted to share my advice on how to get better faster.

This was just a general warning message I gave to others because I spent about 4-6 months on the forum getting the best advice possible from able900 , dvjorge (when he was new to the forum), and the others and it just wasn’t doing jack shit basically. I went to a naturopath and I got better 2-10x faster in the same amount of time. It was like night and day. I just want people to get good quality professional healthcare because this is a serious medical condition that you shouldn’t mess around with.

I totally agree with what raster says here. First, I followed the advice of a integrative doctor (sort of both a nd and md). She helped me get on the right track, but I was still having problems. Then, I joined this forum, and I was the following the advice of Able, and I believe his advice made me worse. Actually, I think it hurt my body more!

I am a very unique case that I have gastroparesis and the fact of no colon. Then, my years of adrenal exhaustion, depression, eating disorder, etc. hurt my body. I never realized till talking with raster more and his nd that I need to heal my cortisol levels, adrenals, liver, kidneys, etc., too to get over candida.

I still believe self-research is important, too because then you know what to talk about with the doctor, and I still wish I could heal faster, but I did spend a lot of money on supplements that I probably didn’t need, and I have student loans to pay off!

I believe I am having more good days again, but I still get frustrated some days. I wish I could consult with the nd more, but I have to make a point, that it still adds up to talk and spend supplements with a nd, too, especially if you aren’t working full-time, and living on social security. I only work part-time, and a few odd end jobs.

I will feel better one day, and I have gotten great advice from some people here, learned what works and what doesn’t.

Cat lady, I’ll get you a message later today! =)