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raster wrote: Hello Thomas,

I think the main way to cure yourself is through the diet. I am wondering what you were eating previously and what you will eat now with the candida diet?

I think the symptoms you mentioned sound very much like severe candida reactions; sometimes the hyperventilation can cause tremors and other “boiling” like symptoms. Or it can simply just be an allergic reaction to the foods you are eating (in your sleep). Next time it happens, try the baking soda in water trick and it may help.

I wish you luck on the diet and your recovery. You will want to consider more/different supplements in time, but for now, just focus on getting better.


Hi Raster,
I read your story and boy I have to tell you that you had it worse than me. I am sure I will be doing fine following the diet here in the forum. I am back on the diet now for 2 days and I feel much better. You wondered what I was eaten before that night.
I wrote everything down here it comes:

In the morning 7:15 2x fried eggs with olive oil
12:30 3X fishfile white fish, salt (Himalayas), Olive oil
15:15 2x fried eggs olive oil
16:15 1 fried chicken file
17:20 Scrimps and self-made mayonnaise, egg, olive oil, citrone
23:00 French fries and two hamburgers (only the meat, and salt)

at 4:00 the attack happens and then at 5:00 clock I broke the diet with everything I wrote you before. Now I am back to the diet but not eating so much meat.

all the best to you