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Question #1: Do you have any kind of toxic mold problems in your apartment or large amounts of dust? I personally had a mold problem (very light amount) and it caused seizures. Once I moved, and freed myself of dust/mold, I stopped having them. Do you feel good when not in apartment?

No, I dont think that is a problem. I living in my house for over 4 years now. I feel good in the house.

2)The panic attack thing you are mentioning sounds very similar to hyperventilation; your body isn’t getting enough oxygen. You feel dizzy, experience tremors, etc. This causes you to freak out, further causing more symptoms.

I watched it coming from my body, and it expressed itself in a feeling of claustrophobia. Maybe I expressed my self wrong with the picture of the earthquake. I am not in a country where we have them so I should not use a picture like that. I try it with another picture. It felt like my blood was boiling or bubbling. A soft version of that is the sensation of running ants under the skin. But this was much much stronger. The fear came when I started to think that I destroyed now my body and I am in deep trouble now. Like I was bound to a crazy horse running off with me and I wanted of that body.

Please look up hyperventilation and seizures to see whether you are having these symptoms. A good immediate way to balance your bodies ph/oxygen level is to drink some baking soda in water. This will help with the panic attack and symptoms you may experience with hyperventilation. Lemon also works (in water). These are for immediate results; long term use could pose problems.

thank you I will look into that and test it. I didnt hyperventilate as I forced myself to breath in and count and breath out and count. But the cloustrophic feeling got the better of me and I jumped out of bed and stressed around. Trying to get rid of the bubbling feeling in my body through movement and breaking the diet.

Do you have ressless leg syndrome? Has your wife watched you as you slept recently?

I have that very seldom only when I feel stressed. I snore a little and I am a mouth breather. I am trying to stay concious about my breathing wanting to learn to take air through my nose instead.

What are you currently eating in your diet? What vitamins/supplements are you taking other than the multivitamin?

only these and the multivitamin:
I am using their C-vitamin

then I am taking code liver oil too.

thank you for everything Raster!