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I have read it, and am currently on that version of the candida diet.

Things I really like about it:
Gates takes a wholistic approach to diet, and in addition to the main subject of ridding yeast, she has 7 principles for the diet, including cleansing, food combining, and the 80/20 principle. It is a very easy read, the chapters are good independently and as a whole. There is a 3-part candida quiz at the beginning and diagrams throughout as well as recipes, a “grocery list” and all sorts of helpful information and tips. I also find it very encouraging, and if I feel like I am losing momentum or am having a rough time with the process, a chapter or two gets me pumped up all over again.

A couple of differences between the two diets include:
The absence of a primary ‘cleansing’ stage in B.E. Diet. Gates advises cleansing (colonic irrigation, warm broths, tea, rest, etc.) as needed throughout the diet, but basically just jumping in to what T.C.D. considers stage two. At this stage cranberries, mushrooms, carrots, squash, and red-skinned potatoes are allowed on the B.E.D, while unsprouted nuts and seeds, oats, rice, yogurt and kefir are not. (For optimum effect, I am only eating what is okay for both diets along the way.) “Stage two” of the B.E.D. is AFTER you are yeast-free, usually 3-4 months, and are starting to reintroduce foods one at time. That stage is only addressed briefly.

Overall I am loving Body Ecology but was very happy to find other Candida resources like this forum, since B.E.’s website doesn’t have one.