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I am planning on a 10 days cleanse. During this period I will take the molybdenum (starting with one pill a day, up to 3 a day). Question: do I stop taking it when I finish the cleanse or when I run out of pills or when…?

No, continue taking it, especially when you start taking an antifungal and probiotic.

During the cleanse I will also take the psyllium powder. Is it just once a day, say after breakfast? Is that ok?

You’d be better off junking the psyllium and using this cleans instead.

the ashwagandha (how often? Can I actually start taking it during the cleanse?)

Yes you can take this during the cleans two capsules a day.

After 2 weeks of diet I will start taking SF722 (starting 1 pill a day working my way up to 6) and the probiotics (just once a day on an empty stomach)
Lastly: for how long do I take each of these?

Read the post on antifungals for details.

Is there something very important I am forgetting?

What about coconut oil (very important)?