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Hi there
Im sorry I cannot give you a definate answer but if you have exhausted all other tests and are still ill then it maybe points to candida or a general imbalance.
I have just got back from ym fisrt reiki appointment and she made more sense to me than an doctor ever as.
She felt my chakras ( energy centres) and pointed to exactly where the imbalances where. She said it should take 3 minutes to release positve energy at most but she spent 15 minutes on one and the other she couldnt do more with on the one session.
It seems to me that you need to speak to a nutritionalist and see about these alternative health practices. They treat you as an whole not just a symptom.
You can be intolerant of just about anything food or chemical etc so its possible you are just simply intolerent of certain things but if you have tried conventional medicene doesnt work i would definatley look into the alternative.
I need about 6 sessions each cost £20 , I have lost my jobs and had to take out a loan to get by but Im so desperate to get well I see it as an investment.
If you find anyhing that works for you then please share it with us, thanks.