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You should be concerned kelly because the die-off toxins can cause damage to your liver and kidneys, and unless this is prevented, you will have to heal this at a later time. This is why I decided to seek professional advice from a naturopath who has over 20 years experience treating yeast and candida. The treating yourself route can be problematic and everyone needs different supplements to address their own health problems. The best method to get better in my opinion is to heal multiple organs at once all at the same time .

Another potential thing that can happen is you feel way worse after trying to treat yourself. For instance, you could harm your thyroid, adrenals, or have perpetual die-off that lasts forever, etc. These are all problems that take special treatments and should not be treated on your own in my opinion.

I’ve been on the diet for over 2 years and am symptom free most of the time, but when I cheat it can set me back. Its going to be another few more years for me to get where I want and this is even with a naturopath!