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The antifungal product I recommend most is SF722 undecenoic acid by thorne. All acids essentially destroy the cell walls (think battery acid) and specific types of acids are used to fight specific organisms, bacteria, etc. For instance, citric acid is good for fighting microbes and pantethenic acid is good for fighting something else (maybe viruses?).

I would start out with one capsule per day and work your way up slowly to whatever you can afford in the long run (I take 9 per day or 3 per meal). The more antifungals you take, the worse your die-off will be so its not a more the merrier type of thing.

Another good antifungal that is great for starting out is garlic (raw or capsule). The problem with garlic is it is also anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic, etc. (variety of properties). This might be good when starting out because you could have a variety of flora that have overgrown such as parasites, bacteria, h.pylori, microbes, etc. and not just candida. When your digestion slows it benefits all of the bad bugs essentially.

There are ton of other ones such as oregano oil, grapefruit seed extract, etc.

The next one I would consider is consuming pure organic coconut oil. If you were to consume one spoonful per day starting out, this would be a good antifungal product. The problem is it can be quite expensive if you work your way up to a large dose (like 10+ spoonfuls per day). But starting out you likely wont be able to tolerate more than a spoonful. Coconut oil also contains an acid (I think its caprylic acid) and this has the same properties as the other acids.