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AngelaL;60486 wrote:

New to candida, well was on it once and fell off the wagon. Looking to get back on it. I’ve found it easier when I go by lists and plan things out so I was wondering if anyone has a weekly meal plan written out? Thanks in advance

I’m ok with breakfast – I always have a protein shake and with dinner – usually curry or suchlike with cauliflower rice. However lunch is quite a different story, and is usually my big downfall as I’ve begun to hate salads and soup isn’t filling enough without bread. There is nothing at work except for sandwiches and people are forever buying cake/doughnuts for celebrations.

I need to be organised enough at the weekend to make meals to freeze and something to take in as a treat as well – otherwise I fall off the wagon. In fact I’ve been so dreadful lately (I ate quite a few of the left over sweets from trick or treat) and ended off with mild die off over the weekend together with an outbreak of painful hives. That has shocked me back to my senses, and from now on I’m determined to plan in advance and draw up a menu plan for the week ahead. I’ve decided to start eating my main meal at lunchtime – I can always just make an omelette in the evening.

My soups are often chicken breast, so I end up dumping a bunch of olive oil or coconut oil in to bring up the fat content to help it be more filling. Also I’m not sure what you use in your soups, but I’ve had no reaction to lentils after almost a year of using them in moderation and they can make a soup very filling.