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Vegan Catlady
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TheChosenOne;55492 wrote:

There are arguments that a high fruit, low fat diet is a more proper Candida plan, which many promote on curezone.

The diet you are referring to is the 80 10 10 diet. It seems to work for some people, but it doesn’t work for most people. Furthermore, cutting out fats can be dangerous and can lead to neurological problems.

I did 80-10-10 for a while (8 months), and the funny thing is that Graham says fruit will CURE candida, and this was not at all my experience.

I had no issue with not taking in overt-fats. Cutting out fats doesnt mean you dont take in any fats….its just means that on this particular diet you arent adding-in unnatural fats that have been processed out of plants in the form of oils.
The issue of neurological problems isnt one that anyone I know on the diet long-term has problems with. I dont know, the idea that consuming processed oil is necessary for neurological health is very weird.

I dont advocate the diet, but I never felt better while I was on it.

Once you have overgrowth, fruit fuels it. Didnt cause it, but fueled it.

Once overgrowth is in control somewhat, you can add fruit back in slowly.

Its a matter of experience, not what famous authors say, unfortunately for me.
I would LOVE to be on an all fruit diet right now, as it will clean your body out really well.